Organization for Research Strategy and Development

The mission of the Organization is to strategically promote academic research, to systematically manage and utilize the intellectual properties, and to contribute to the society through collaboration between industries, academia and governments.

Okayama University Research Administration Office (URA office)

University research administrator (URA) takes a major and direct role in upgrading and improving University operational and educational research capabilities. The URAs support researchers by proposing large research projects, aiding fund raising for research, expanding international network and finding strong collaborative partners.

Advanced Science Research Center

The Center is comprised of four departments: Radiation Research, Animal Resources, Genomics Proteomics, and Instrumental Analysis Cryogenics carrying out integrated operations and management and multifaceted education research support services based on a long-term perspective that moves beyond areas of research.

Center for Global Partnerships and Education (International affairs)

• VISA, CESR procedure and accommodation