Commemorative symposium for the opening of the Okayama University-Wayne State University Joint Research Laboratory (OU-SCEED)


Okayama University and Wayne State University (WSU), Detroit, MI, USA, have jointly launched the Okayama University-Wayne State University Joint Research Laboratory (OU-SCEED) in the WSU campus to strengthen and promote international collaborative research. A symposium to commemorative the launch of the OU-SCEED was held 20-21 February 2017.

Executive Vice President for Research Shin-ichi Yamamoto (at the time), Vice Executive Director for Research Shuichi Furuya, and Vice President for International and Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs Masaharu Seno, attended the symposium on behalf of Okayama University. WSU Provost Keith Whitfield, and Vice President for Research Stephen Lanier, and other dignitaries from WSU participated in a discussion on the education and research activities at Okayama University as well as strategies for enhancing collaborative research between the two universities.

Okayama University and WSU concluded an agreement between the universities in February 2014, and have been collaborating in education and research exchanges in the fields of medicine and biotechnology. Okayama University is internationally recognized for its cutting edge research and globally inspired education programs and will continue to foster mutually beneficial relationships in research and education with highly respected universities and institutes worldwide.

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Provost Keith Whitfield and Executive Vice President Shin-ichi Yamamoto (at the time) (left)

Research Laboratory (OU-SCEED) at the WSU campus.